Advertising With Viggle Inc.

Advertising Overview

Since the initial launch of the Viggle platform, hundreds of networks and brand partners have turned to Viggle for advanced advertising solutions and an innovative, effective way to reach their target consumers. Today Viggle Inc. continues to deliver for advertisers and now reaches millions of entertainment fans every month across Viggle, Wetpaint and NextGuide properties via the launch of its new Access Advertising Platform. Watch a short video to see how Viggle Inc works for tv networks, brands and consumers.

Viggle Access is the cornerstone of Viggle Inc.’s advertising platform. Through required user registration and audio verification, advertisers can reach the audiences and drive the actions they most desire. Viggle Access hinges on 3 distinct ad products: Reach, Promote and Brand Sync. Reach allows advertisers to leverage Viggle Inc.’s valued first party data like age, gender, zip, TV provider, tune-in history, listening behavior and more. Promote drives TV fans to tune into, and engage with, specific shows and events through a variety of editorial, promotional and advertising exposure. Brand Sync allows marketers the opportunity to continue the conversation with their target consumer by activating against TV commercials and by encouraging social interaction around TV viewing.


Expose your message to your exact audience based on demographics and behaviors including:

  • Age | Gender | Geo
  • TV provider
  • Viewing (TV) and Listening (Music) Behavior
  • Wireless Carrier


Drive TV fans to tune into, and engage with, a specific show or event, driving the following behaviors:

  • Tune-in
  • Engagement
  • Loyalty

Brand Sync

Continue the conversation with your target consumer via:

  • TV Commercial Check-In: Prompt Viggle users to check into your ad for additional content / promotional opportunities
  • Social Share: Leverage Viggle activity to feature / augment brand’s social initiative

Ad Units

Viggle Inc. employs a variety of ad units (and placements) across its multiple properties, including the Viggle app and Wetpaint web and mobile sites. Some examples include (from L to R below) a Check-In Takeover, What’s On Engagement, and Show Page Engagement.


Viggle Ad Units/Placements

  • TV Check-In (or Music Match) Takeover
  • Show/Song Page Engagement
  • What’s On Engagement
  • Companion Viewing Engagement

Viggle Ad Formats

  • Display
  • Video

Wetpaint Ad Units/Placements

  • 728×90
  • 300×250

Wetpaint Ad Formats

  • Display
  • Animated
  • Rich Media
  • Video