ACCESS in Action

Viggle Inc. has successfully helped dozens of brands and TV networks, across hundreds of campaigns, achieve their core KPI goals via the Access Advertising Platform. Depending on the marketer’s objective(s), Access Ad Products will drive specific actions/results to help achieve those goals. A primary goal for most network partners is increased tune-in and viewership, and the Access Ad Platform allows Viggle Inc. not only to drive viewership, but also to determine the exact identity of those users and provide the network partner with critical information about this verified audience.

TV Networks and Media Companies

In addition to the core KPI of viewership, TV networks also aim to drive program awareness and story/character interest while ensuring fans know exactly when the show airs. Viggle Inc. is able to drive results for TV networks by leveraging the power of Viggle, Wetpaint and NextGuide properties before a show airs, during its broadcast and after it ends.  With the launch of Viggle MUSIC in Q1 2014, Viggle Inc. is now able to extend similar campaign capabilities to record labels, radio stations and other media partners.


Below is an illustrative example of how TV networks leverage the Viggle platform to help reach core objectives:

Brand Partners

Viggle Inc. has created new ways to build awareness and drive consumer action via targeted ad engagements, innovative interactive units, holistic media, and engagement-driven marketing programs. Brand advertisers can mirror and extend current ad campaigns, reinforce and enhance show/event sponsorship, and target key audiences. The Access Platform is designed to deliver core brand messages and to bring brand creative to life with precision targeting based on demographic (age, gender, zip codes, etc.), or behavioral characteristics (show check-ins, viewing habits, network check-ins, etc).

The typical Brand Partner uses Access to deliver their message to a specific, targeted mobile audience, to maximize their key on-air investment around a show or event, and to further engage TV viewers in an attention-pulling media world.

ACCESS brand_funnel

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