Analytics and Insight

Campaign Analytics and Insight

Viggle Inc. provides detailed and comprehensive reporting to all of its advertising partners. Due to a unique approach of verifying and rewarding user behavior, Viggle Inc. has an extensive database of user activity that can be leveraged for clients. Viggle Inc. can provide detailed information about the ways in which users engage with a piece of media or a brand, as well as the demographics of the users who engage. Reports are customized based on each advertiser’s package and needs.

TV viewership and engagement

  • Check-ins to sponsored programming and timeslot ranking
  • Reminders set for programs
  • Conversion rates from reminder to tune-in
  • Viggle LIVE and MYGUY players
  • Viggle LIVE and MYGUY participation rate
  • Viggle LIVE questions answered and MYGUY player substitutions
  • Time spent watching a program and engaging with Viggle LIVE
  • Click-through rates to 3rd party websites from a Viggle show page

Engagement with music

  • Music matches by song, artist or genre
  • Song purchases by song, artist or genre
  • Overlap between song matches and TV viewership
  • Demographics of users that engaged with specific songs or artists

Advertising delivery and performance

  • Number of check-ins per game
  • MYGUY players and participation rate per game
  • Video ad impressions and engagements by week
  • Static ad delivery by week
  • Average time spent for MYGUY games
  • Check-ins to commercial
  • Clicks on links to advertiser selected content

Reward redemption

  • Total units redeemed by reward
  • Number of unique users that redeemed a reward
  • Repeat redeemers by reward
  • Demographics of users that redeemed for a reward

Sample reporting includes paid media delivery reports, tune-in and engagement data, including reminders and companion viewing experiences, and user demographics.