We’re from all walks of life and have worked in all aspects of media, online and entertainment. Like most people, we are never without our mobile devices and we are TV junkies! Viggle is home to a diverse and interesting cast of characters working together to create innovations in TV & Technology. Meet the people who make Viggling possible.

Management Team

Robert F.X. Sillerman

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Bob has pioneered some of the most successful businesses in television, radio, promotion, marketing & live entertainment. Through the sales of SFX Entertainment and SFX Broadcasting, he’s also driven some of the largest transactions in the history of live entertainment and radio. Viggle is Sillerman’s ninth public company.

Greg Consiglio

President and Chief Operating Officer

Greg is responsible for the day to day operations of the Viggle business. Greg was a founding member of the Viggle management team joining the company in April 2011 as Head of Business Development. Prior to Viggle he held executive operating and business development roles at Ticketmaster and AOL as well as leadership positions in several smaller start up organizations. Current TV show addictions include Game of Thrones and Mad Men.

Kevin Arrix

Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin oversees all revenue generating initiatives and the backend operations which support them. He started at Viggle in December, 2011 and brings almost 2 decades of sales and management experience from large media companies like Viacom, CBS and Turner. His TV passions lie with Homeland, Walking Dead and any live sports event he can view uninterrupted!

John C. Small

Chief Financial Officer

John handles the cash, oversees investment and acquisition projects, and leads the construction of budgets and forecasts. John joined the Viggle management team as EVP, Corporate Development and Strategy in August 2011. Prior to Viggle, he spent 19 years on Wall Street investing in Technology, Telecom, and Media companies for several hedge funds and investment banks, including GLG Partners and Morgan Stanley. John is all about House of Lies, NCAA Lacrosse, March Madness, and the Vikings.

Rene Villegas

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Rene is responsible for marketing at Viggle, including driving awareness, getting more users, and – of course – keeping current Vigglers engaged. Prior to joining Viggle in June 2013, Rene was living and working in Los Angeles as Vice President of Marketing at Before that he held marketing and leadership positions at American Express and Fox Mobile as well as several start-ups. Rene is hopelessly addicted to Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Arrested Development.

Kyle Brink

Vice President, Product

Kyle is responsible for all product features and user experience, from play-along games like MYGUY and Viggle LIVE to social TV elements to partner apps. Kyle joined Viggle in September of 2011 as Director of Product after holding leadership positions in game design and production at Activision, Sega, and Electronic Arts. Now that football season is over, Kyle’s evenings and weekends are occupied with such gamer fare as Game of Thrones, Castle, MythBusters, Grimm, and Robot Combat League. He is very interested to see what happens with Defiance.

Lisa Failla

Vice President, Talent Resources

As Viggle’s VP of Talent, Lisa is responsible for overseeing people operations including talent acquisition and management, HR policies and systems, compensation and equity plans, internal communications, and culture-building. Prior to joining Viggle in April 2011, Lisa led HR functions for Warner Music Group, BMG Entertainment, and School of Rock. She is a rabid fan of one-word titled TV shows such as Scandal, Revenge, and Nashville.

Julie Gerola

Vice President, Loyalty and Rewards

Julie is responsible for overseeing Viggle’s rewards program including partnering with top brands to procure rewards to managing rewards economics. Prior to joining Viggle in March 2012, Julie was Senior Vice President at Citigroup overseeing the rewards collection for Citi ThankYou Rewards. Her expertise is creating world-class rewards programs that drive value to consumers while being economical to businesses. Julie is a reality TV junkie with a special affection for all Real Housewives shows.

Jennifer Mullen

VP, Customer Service

Jennifer leads our Customer Service team that helps our members get the most of their Viggle experience by addressing inquiries related to rewards, promotions and check-ins. Jennifer makes sure everything we do continually improves the customer experience. Prior to joining Viggle in October, 2011, Jennifer led Customer Operations at ESPN, which included managing the call center that supports all of ESPN’s digital media products. She also managed customer operations for several wireless providers including Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel and AT&T Wireless. Jennifer’s TV favorites are Revenge, Mad Men, Nashville, but most of all Yankee baseball.

Anthony Faria

Creative Director

As Creative Director, Anthony oversees Viggle’s product design, UI/UX and all creative related to marketing, communication and business development. Prior to joining Viggle in July 2011, Anthony was Creative Director at AOL, and held lead creative roles at Time Warner and Cline Davis & Mann. Anthony’s TV watching is a long list with favorites being The Walking Dead, Futurama, The Colbert Report and Premier League Football.

Tom McLean

General Counsel

Tom handles the company’s legal affairs. Prior to joining the company, he served as the chief lawyer for Ticketmaster’s European operations. Prior to this role, Tom was Vice President and General Counsel for the division of LendingTree. McLean’s prior experience includes work at national law firms where he focused on mergers and acquisitions, securities and private equity/venture capital work. His current TV favorites include Homeland, House of Cards, and North Carolina Tarheel basketball.

  • Account Services

    Meghan Weber
    Director, Account Services
    The Walking Dead
    Victoria Dekhtyar
    Account Services Manager
    Absolutely Fabulous
  • Analytics

    Lara Gitlin
    Director, Corporate
    Strategy & Analytics
    Ali Fenichel
    Associate Manager,
    Mad Men
    Tommy Nelson
    Associate Manager, CRM &
    TV Network Analytics
  • Business Development

    Eric Satler
    Vice President, Business
    The Walking Dead
  • Design

    Shirley Kramer
    Spoiled Rotten Pets
    Marie Koenig
    Downton Abbey
    Leo Gomez Blum
    House of Cards
  • Savita Singh
    Junior Designer
    Breaking Bad
  • Executive

    Gayle Kendall
    Executive Assistant, President &
  • Finance

    Olga Bashkatova
    Director, Accounting
    Zippora Rison
    Family Guy
    Gabi Rubin
    Senior Director, Corporate Real
    Estate & Facilities
    Shark Tank
  • Sam Sirisky
    Vice President, Controller
    The Americans
    Jenna Tafuri
    Manager, Accounting Operations
  • Legal

    Alyson Muldoon
    Legal Assistant
    Hell’s Kitchen
  • Marketing

    Clyde Lee
    Director, Customer Retention
    Hyun Lee-Miller
    Senior Director, Online
    Little House on the Prairie
  • Product

    Boris Kizelshteyn
    Senior Product Manager
    Once Upon A Time
    Jamie Parker
    Senior Product Manager
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Ariel Rey
    Senior Product Director
    Law & Order: SVU
  • Programming

    Miles Stiverson
    Director, Programming
    Storage Wars (the original)
    Brea Tremblay
    Senior Editor
    Friday Night Lights
    Lauren Zaremba
    Associate Editor
  • Revenue Operations

    Megan Dorros
    Campaign Manager
    The Following
    Sofia Holohan
    Sales Pricing &
    Planning Manager
    Breaking Bad
    Anna Hougart
    Vice President, Revenue
    The Good Wife
  • Tiffany Morales
    Pricing & Planning
    Richard Silver
    Campaign Manager
    Gio Torres
    Traffic Manager
    Impractical Jokers
  • Cathy Wei
    Campaign Analyst
    The Wire
  • Rewards

    Gabe Marra
    Rewards Analyst
    Mad Men
  • Sales

    Steve Arndt
    Account Executive – Midwest
    any CHI Bulls/Bears/
    Anne Cleary
    Executive Assistant, CRO
    True Blood
    Alexandra Kiernan
    Account Director
  • Todd Leslie
    Vice President, Sales –
    Midwest and East Coast
    Breaking Bad
    Michael Levin
    Senior Director, Sales
    The Wonder Years
    Shaila Mathias
    Account Director
  • Henok Misgina
    Account Executive – Midwest
    any Michigan sporting event
    Mark Morris
    Vice President, Sales
  • Kathryn Ruczynski
    Sales Assistant
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Talent Resources

    Christine Morse
    Junior HR Generalist
    The Walking Dead
  • Technology

    Matthew Bertolini
    Platform Engineer
    Kelly Cosman
    Senior Platform Engineer
    Game of Thrones
    Kapil Goel
    Senior Android Engineer
    Breaking Bad
  • Muzaffer Habib
    Senior QA Engineer
    Wesley Hailey
    Quality Assurance Engineer
    Arif Haque
    Quality Assurance Engineer
    Everybody Hates Chris
  • Mike Herbig
    Mobile Engineer
    Bill Hudson
    Technical Writer
    Game of Thrones
    Giles Jackson
    Director, Operations ↦ IT
    The Daily Show
  • Aben Jacob
    Quality Assurance Engineer
    The Daily Show
    Jessica Kim
    Technology Administration
    Game of Thrones
    Larry Kulak
    IT Manager
    Duck Dynasty
  • Rich Lopez
    Senior Systems Engineer
    Boardwalk Empire
    Kapil Manak
    Manager, Software
    channel surfing
    Serafim Maroulis
    Senior DevOps Engineer
    Sons of Anarchy
  • Peter Martin
    Vice President, Software
    The King of Queens
    Tony Monticchio
    Senior Project Manager
    Saturday Night Live
    Wayman Ng
    Mobile Engineer
    Breaking Bad
  • Billy Tobon
    Mobile Engineer