Thoughts on Mobile from Internet Week 2014

May 22nd, 2014 by Kevin Arrix

I attended the Mobile Media Upfront event yesterday hosted by Paran Johar. As you may know, it falls as part of the overall Internet Week initiative taking place here in New York City. As someone who is mobile-first, I always look forward to hearing what others are saying about a space/platform that we live and breathe everyday. Of all the panels and speakers I heard yesterday, which was in large part the morning sessions, there were several themes that stood out, a few of which resonate with us at Viggle. And it is certainly reinvigorating to hear the conference themes align well with what we believe to be important for our business.

The first is multi-device or cross-screen usage. The numbers now are staggering, and have continued to grow significantly over the past two years. The consumer continues to do more with the same amount of time, and that time is largely disrupted and shared and split and pulled in every direction…for various reasons. I personally believe that TV as a medium is very effective but the recurring problem is the viewer’s attention – to TV content and to TV advertising – isn’t 100% there.  Marketers need a mobile/cross–screen strategy where they can leverage this changed behavior as a means to ensure their message is seen.

A second theme that was touched upon was the importance of providing “consumer value” as a baseline for mobile success. If a marketer wants to successfully impact their consumer on mobile, it’s best done through experiences, tools, or entertainment that the consumer finds useful or fun. The phone is our most personal belonging, and any experience on mobile has to speak to the individual in some way shape or form – or, it won’t get traction.  Whether a marketer looks to create their own mobile experience or to partner with those that already do so, the consumer flow has to provide that element of value…and the more value a consumer finds in it (which by the way = REAL engagement) the greater opportunity one has to make the message work.

We pride ourselves at Viggle for capitalizing on multi-device/cross-screen by giving the consumer something to do that enhances their TV viewing experience. We also have an established connection and point of engagement with our consumers that gives them value back. And those elements have proven to be a differentiator for our business.

Written by Kevin Arrix

Kevin oversees all revenue generating initiatives and the backend operations which support them. He started at Viggle in December, 2011 and brings almost 2 decades of sales and management experience from large media companies like Viacom, CBS and Turner. His TV passions lie with Homeland, Walking Dead and Water Polo.