Introducing Wetpaint Original Videos

April 14th, 2014 by Rosie Amodio

Why Should You Watch Our New Wetpaint Videos

We’re always looking for the next big thing at Wetpaint, whether it’s a TV show, reality star, or Katy Perry’s newest hair color. That’s why our readers love us. Using that same mindset, we’ve successfully launched a dynamic video experience that brings our fun, engaging content to our millions of monthly consumers in a new and exciting medium.Wetpaint Original Videos

For today’s multi-faceted, entertainment-loving millennials, it’s not enough to deliver the status quo. They want more. And with smart phones and tablets making it easier than ever to consume video on the go, we knew the time was right to enhance their experience on by delivering the content they crave in a medium they love.

When creating something new, most people look at the competition. What does Wetpaint do? The exact opposite. Instead of worrying what the “other guys” — who are scrambling for the same ad dollars and audience — are doing, we decided to look inside. We asked ourselves, how we can we use what we already know about content production, audience building, and social engagement to create something bold and different, yet still quintessentially “Wetpaint”?

With that in mind, we looked at our playbooks — the proprietary ways in which we go after audience by producing the optimal content — and determined how we could translate those winning plays, visuals, and engagements to original video. As a starting point, we came up with 20 plays or franchises that we felt would best serve our audience (and advertisers by association).

With an A team of editors — hyper-creative, super organized, nimble, and with deep understanding of our audience — we created a programming plan that reimagined our most-beloved franchises, threw our fan editors onto the red carpet, turned celebrity-filled photo galleries into viral moments, and gave our television insight a delightful twist. That, plus a handful of other series to organize our creative juices around.

The result? Wetpaint delivers a brand new, best in class, incredibly social video experience. See for yourself! After all, we are Wetpaint, and we did set out to revolutionize media.

—Lindsay Dreyer + Rosie Amodio

Written by Rosie Amodio

Rosie Amodio is SVP, Content + Programming at Wetpaint, where she heads the publishing and branding arm of the #1 entertainment website for women. A veteran of brands as diverse as Nickelodeon, Tommy Hilfiger, and Maxim, Amodio spent 6 years building InStyle’s digital strategy. A TV junkie, her Netflix account is currently experiencing a high number of streams of Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead and Orphan Black.