Wetpaint is a leading entertainment destination for millennial women. Wetpaint editors know exactly what entertainment news and gossip young women want and know exactly how to reach them via social media.

Wetpaint Overview

Since its inception in 2010, Wetpaint has become a top 10 entertainment web destination for millennial women. It’s run by a talented team dedicated to creating, curating, and sharing the best and most relevant content about the celebrities and TV shows that matter to the 18-34 female demographic. Wetpaint’s rapid success is due to the company’s competitive advantage: obsessive innovation around knowing and serving its audience with an incredible digital experience. Wetpaint’s proprietary social technology enables it to understand what content its audience wants, where they want it, when they want it, how they want it. Wetpaint editors share in the passions of their audience, and provide the content they crave.

How Wetpaint Works

  • Wetpaint finds and breaks the news its readers want and puts an unmistakable, unique spin on it – utilizing its “special sauce” play books
  • Wetpaint uses its proprietary Social Publishing Platform to share the right content with the right audience, drive traffic, convert new readers to loyal fans, and perform A/B testing
  • Wetpaint analyzes the data to adapt to ever-changing audience interests and social network trends
  • Wetpaint converts traffic to ad revenue by presenting advertisers with loyal, segmented audiences

Wetpaint By The Numbers

  • 8 million total Facebook fans
  • 12 million monthly unique visitors
  • 90 million monthly pageviews

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